Highway Music Review [A. R. Rahman]

Highway – A. R. Rahman

*Sooha Saha – Beautiful song, well-orchestrated, emoted well by Zeb, and Alia’s section was poignant as well
*Let’s Mash Up – Cacophonous mix of genres
*Maahi Ve – Atrocious singing & simplistic tune.
*Implosive Silence – Incredibly boring though aesthetically pleasing.
*Heera – Amazing instrumentation and amazing singing.
*Patakha Guddi (Female) – Nooran sisters voices really bring it to life. Phenomenal.
*Patakha Guddi (Male) – Better instrumentation than female, weird rock interlude in middle, ARR singing again weak link.
*Kahaan Hoon Main – Solid song. Not amazing, but Jonita Gandhi has done a good job.
*Tu Kuja – Another solid song – sang well by Sunidhi

Picks: Sooha Saha, Patakha Guddi (Female), Heera, Kahaan Hoon Main, Tu Kuja


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