Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Music Review [D. Imman]

Fantastic album by D. Imman

  • Sundari Penne – Sounds like a lighter, more modern version of the Malayali hit Kizhakku Pookum. Harmonium and rock elements are integrated very well, and the rhythm is an uncommon one. Shreya’s singing (as always) on point. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYEuxBraO2Q)
  • Kukkuru Kukkuru – A particular strength of Imman is basslines. No exception here. Slight recycling of some elements from Muttalai Muttalai from Yennamo Yedho. Lakshmi Menon’s heavy voice enhances the other folk elements of the song. Her singing style is reminiscent of Imman himself. Sathyan crushes it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rVzaszH_vg)
  • Oru Oorla Rendu Raja – Slight recycling of Ammadi Ammadi tune in the song. Good, clean, kuthu otherwise. Distorted veena-like string turning into electric guitar is interesting. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K22T7GXHKhw)
  • Odum Rayile – Flutes set the stage for epic song. Hard to predict the key in the beginning, and a lot of surprise instrumentation is delivered by Imman throughout the course of the song. Abhay Jodhpurkar kills it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjxDqsa_lnk)
  • Mazhakaatha – Solid duet by Haricharan and Vandana Srinivasan. Slight Latin touch is cool. Vandana’s voice has noticeable autotune on it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgw42GLtFV8)


PicksSundari Penne, Odum Rayile, Mazhakaatha


Maanikya [Arjun Janya]

  • Maamu Maamu – Fun club-like track, not particularly musically innovative, autotune level high
  • Baby I Love You – Beautiful melody, hook is hilarious
  • Huchcha Na Huchcha – Boring kuthu
  • Pantra Panta – Kuthu with great instrumentation
  • Jeeva Jeeva – Powerful melody + Shankar Mahadevan’s vocals = Great combo
  • Jeena Jeena Yahaan – Bollywoodized party song, Shaan’s vocals are great
  • Nalla Malla – Too much autotune, otherwise an ok kuthu
  • Belake Belake – Short song, Shankar Mahadevan gives the song major oomph
  • Mani Mani Manikya – Mediocre song


Picks – Jeeva Jeeva, JEena Jeena Yahaan, Baby I Love You, Maamu Maamu

Maine Pyar Kiya [Pradeep Kumar]

Shwase Nuvve – Awesome R&B feel, Shakthisree + Pradeep are a great jodi

Ee Prema Manakkodhu – Great percussion and background harmonium, Sean Roldan sounds great

Kadalukunda – Light, breezy jazzy song with great percussion as well

Ningilona – Beautiful melody

Adiginde – Fast percussion juxtaposed with a great duet and awesome instrumentation

Ningilona (version 2) – Beautiful but not as good as the other one

Pandu – Nothing like the other songs, pure hip hop, but pretty decent


Picks – Every song is great, but Shwase Nuvve, Ee Prema, and Ningilona stand out.

Thegidi Music Review [Nivas K. Prasanna]

Thegidi by Nivas K. Prasanna

Needhaane – Amazing minor key song, extremely powerful dynamics, amazing singing, Veena a nice touch
Yaar Ezhudhiyadho – Well sung by Sathya Prakash, great melody, amazing mix of genres brought together in backgrounds
Neeyum Dhinam – Andrea’s singing brings this pensive song to life
Kangalai Oru – Beautiful song but lacks spark
Vinmeen – Peppy duet with Abhay Jodhpurkar’s singing being especially good

Picks: Yaar Ezhudhiyadho, Needhaane, Vinmeen

Highway Music Review [A. R. Rahman]

Highway – A. R. Rahman

*Sooha Saha – Beautiful song, well-orchestrated, emoted well by Zeb, and Alia’s section was poignant as well
*Let’s Mash Up – Cacophonous mix of genres
*Maahi Ve – Atrocious singing & simplistic tune.
*Implosive Silence – Incredibly boring though aesthetically pleasing.
*Heera – Amazing instrumentation and amazing singing.
*Patakha Guddi (Female) – Nooran sisters voices really bring it to life. Phenomenal.
*Patakha Guddi (Male) – Better instrumentation than female, weird rock interlude in middle, ARR singing again weak link.
*Kahaan Hoon Main – Solid song. Not amazing, but Jonita Gandhi has done a good job.
*Tu Kuja – Another solid song – sang well by Sunidhi

Picks: Sooha Saha, Patakha Guddi (Female), Heera, Kahaan Hoon Main, Tu Kuja

One By Two Music Review [Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy]

One By Two by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

*Pakao’d – Cacophonous
*Kaboom – The autotune destroys Anushka Manchanda’s voice
*Baat Kya Hai – Chill, yet haunting tune. Clinton Cerejo emotes very well.
*Khushfehmiyan – Great contrast between instrumentation and backing vocals vs. Shankar Mahadevan’s solo
*Khushfehmiyan (unplugged) – Aesthetically pleasing but somewhat bland
*Sheher Mera – Really smooth song. Thomson Andrews crushes it.
*Khuda Na Khasta – Extremely powerful song, and Arijit Singh’s singing and Mahadevan’s alaaps are a formidable singing combination.

Picks: Baat Kya Hai, Sheher Mera, Khuda Na Khasta, Khushfehmiyan